Monday, November 23, 2009

The Wedding Room

We used to have a living room.
Now it's a wedding room.

Wedding photos everywhere.

Having a 16x20-size version of myself was a much better idea before I could see my pores from the sofa.

However, I love it. We filled up our mantel, above it and beside it with photos of us, our friends and family on our most specialest day.

(It also matches our Engagement Stairway, courtesy of photographer Kelly V).

Speaking of Ms. Talent V.... she's interested in doing a "Mess the Dress" artsy shoot with me in my dress... either under or near water for a spectacular photo to add to her catalogue. Thoughts??? There's always cleaning and preservation, right? :-)

1 comment:

  1. Looks great! And, hey, that's what we did until Kelly took our anniversary pictures this year. :)
    I would SO LOVE to do a "trash/mess the dress" shoot. LOVE IT. But I've lost so much weight since the wedding, I'm not sure it would fit well enough. But I REALLY would love it. I think you should go for it!