Monday, November 23, 2009

Eye-high kicks

I saw the Rockettes this weekend with my friend Emily and it was absolutely fantastic.

For 90 minutes, I was a little girl again, watching tall, beautiful dancers swirl in circles and kick their legs up to the sky.
(Appearances by Santa and a soundtrack that included not only Christmas tunes but an entire segment dedicated to the Nutcracker didn't hurt, either.)

I loved the different scenes so much -- acting out the 12 Days of Christmas with graceful moves, tapping their way through at least one number, portraying dozens -- and then hundreds! -- of Santas and of course the Toy Soldier routine that is so amazing.

I had a fantastic time with Emily, even at dinner and along our drive to the arena. She's quickly becoming a wonderful and treasured friend and I look forward to many more outings together while we leave our non-arts-loving significant others behind. :-)

Here are a few photos from the show. Hope you don't mind the giant piece of wiring hanging down in the middle of my view. I couldn't be too angry about it because I figured it was probably keeping some giant prop from falling on my head or was somehow assisting the dancers in those eye-high kicks.

Ho, ho, ho!!!

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