Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm so proud of her.

My friend Ashley is such an inspiration. She's lost a lot of weight while still maintaining/improving upon her strength, style and flair.

As part of her weight-loss process, she started running. Seriously running. To the point where she inspired this former runner to start running again.

And today, I watched her run her first 5K race EVER. Ever, ever, EVER!!! She had a great time and even finished with a thumbs-up and a big smile. She made me so proud and I've had that image of her in the last quarter-mile stuck in my head all day long.

I'm so glad I was there. 
Especially since through ESP, we both wound up with the same hairdo!
But really, I was SOOOOOO... happy to be there.

Congrats, Ashley! Keep up the good work (including a race on my wedding day next weekend!!!)!




Psh, because we're all cowards on the starting line. :-)

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  1. My own post! I am so flattered, and it meant so much to me to have you there for the big day. Also, I have to add that my time was a respectable 32:51 (for everyone keeping score at home, hahaha)