Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Calling all former brides...

Well, non-brides can offer advice, too, and are encouraged to, in fact!

I've been asking almost everyone I meet, whether it's at a work interview, in the grocery store or talking with our florist or pastor...

What is your best piece of advice for the wedding day?
What is your best piece of advice for marriage?
Hey, how about the honeymoon???

I've gotten some great tips so far (take a minute ... or two or three... to sit back and just take in your reception and all the loved ones having a good time; sneaking in a kiss before the reception; making sure to have some beverages [hehehe] and so many more). I can't wait for more thoughts.

What about for those of you who have been to/in weddings? What means the most to you? What do you remember most?

I'm all ears...
... and all countdowns! :-)


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  1. Ack! Your wedding's this weekend!! I'm so excited for you! (Since I read your blog in Google Reader, I hadn't noticed the countdown lately, lol.)

    ANYWAY. As a former bride (haha), here's what I can tell you:
    •On the wedding day, it sounds simple, but have TONS OF FUN with all the people you love. Our reception felt like a huge party. We had all our friends and family there, and my mouth hurt from smiling, and we just gabbed and danced and enjoyed ourselves. It was one of the best days of my life because we were so happy and had so much fun. Then again, I also like the saying that, hopefully, the wedding day is the *worst* day of your life. Married life only gets better as you keep growing together.
    •On marriage, you should laugh together every day. Sharing humor in life is my favorite thing about Jake and I.
    •On the honeymoon, my best advice is to have fun together doing whatever you like best. We love to travel and have fun. We just went to Chicago for our honeymoon, and we've had better trips since, actually, because we've developed our travel prowess. :) We love to eat good food, so we really research places to eat before we travel, and it really helps us enjoy the city we're in.

    That's a lot, but I hope it's helpful! I hope you have a super amazing weekend!! <3