Friday, September 25, 2009

The countdown has reached HOURS.

Guess what?
We're getting married!!!... TOMORROW.

When did that happen? When did the entire year fly by? When did the summer become nonexistent? When did my countdown reach HOURS?!

I'm in a weird state of sort of numb excitement. No nerves yet, although I'm feeling my first bit of butterflies this morning. I just can't wait to see everyone and to finally wear my dress for more than 20 minutes and to see my gorgeous bridesmaids in THEIR dresses.

And did I mention my handsome daddy? Or my AMAZING soulmate of a groom?

I have some downtime right now. Scott just took my Maid of Honor Nicole (who arrived late last night) to get her dress steamed at the dress shop and to pick up his tux and my dad's tux. I need to shower and then am just waiting for my girls to start showing up. I have about an hour to myself and like I said, all I've got is that numb sort of excitement.

I can't believe it's really here.
While my relationship with Scott isn't really changing, I just know that my life will forever be changed after the I do's tomorrow.

For now, friends, family and probably some liquor. :-)

Thanks to everyone for following along on this journey and for the great advice last entry (thanks, Jessica!).

I don't know when my next blog will be -- I'm hoping some of my bridesmaids will take up my mission to upload a few posts, but I know how hectic their schedules are, so, for now... I'll write again when I'm a married woman (who has just enjoyed a terrific honeymoon!!!)

Love rocks!!!!!!!!

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