Monday, September 28, 2009

Mr. & Mrs.

This is Nicole, Wendy's MOH, updating her blog.  Wendy asked her bridesmaids to update with wedding memories while she and Scott are away on their honeymoon in St. Lucia.  So here it goes!

September 26, 2009 was beautiful, amazing, inspiring, magical, hilarious at times, sentimental at others, and most importantly, fun.  Oh yeah, and it was raining, but that didn't even put a damper on things.  The photographer said that it was the most wet wedding she had ever attended, but with Wendy and Scott there and the smiles on their faces, you wouldn't have even known there were torrential downpours outside.

A funny moment from the wedding was during the lighting of the unity candle.  Wax must've built up on the wick, and no matter how many times Wendy and Scott went to light it, it just wouldn't take to the flame.  The girls and I started chuckling silently about the couple wielding their light sabers, and then eventually Wendy and Scott starting laughing and got the whole church full-out laughing about the candle.  There were guffaws, and I think I heard a knee slap in the back of the church.  It brought such a light-hearted moment to what is normally a serious ceremony.  Seeing the light-hearted way they approached it rather than freaking out that it could signify a bad omen, they took it as it came and were able to laugh at it.  What a great way to approach a wedding mishap, life, and everything else under the sun.

It was an amazing weekend, and it wouldn't have been the same without everyone that came together to support our favorite couple.  The bridesmaids, formerly strangers to each other that are now linked together with crazy inside jokes.  The groomsmen, all good friends sharing cigars and a slap on the back like guys do.  Wendy's aunt Alice, who busted a move or two on the dance floor with Wendy's high school friend Drew.  His parents.  Her dad and stepmom.  And all those amazing friends and family that gathered to celebrate. 

Here's to Scott and Wendy Zook!!!  Keep wielding those light sabers!  ;o)  hahaha

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