Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Holy September, Batman!!!

I feel like I need a bunch of 60's-era thought bubbles with words like "Ka-pow!" and "Sha-zam!" to describe the CRAZY feelings I felt when turning my calendars (I have six in my office alone) to the month of September (!). I mean, wait, where did this year go???

And did I mention I'm getting married in like 24 days???

::insert action-packed thought bubble here::

I keep telling myself that I am relatively stress-free. I hope my close friends and especially my fiance would agree.

I keep hoping that my gigantic bruises on my legs stop getting darker and begin to disappear. St. Lucia just doesn't want to see that.

I gleefully postponed getting my registration re-newed (it's not due until October, no worries) because I'M GOING TO HAVE A NEW LAST NAME BEFORE THEN.

I had my make-up trial run the other day by the fabulous Ruby (one of our groomsman's girlfriends and one of my newest friends.) She did a great job (although it took me a while to realize the make-up has to be more than my usual powder and mascara, hehehe) and I love how honest she is about my translucent skin, bad eyebrows and possible mustache. Sigh, whatever, I can take it.

I go for my hair trial run tomorrow. I can't wait! That's going to make it very, very real (again).

The best little thought bubble of recent days?
I'm falling more and more in love with Scott. I can't wait until he's my husband. :-)

*** Yesterday, my first major migraine in YEARS decided to drop in and visit. I was basically bedridden in a dark, quiet place last night and this morning but am doing better today... although I still feel it.
I used to get migraines ALL the time, especially in my college years. They usually crept in slowly, which made this sudden appearance strange to me. My 'best' ones last at least a few days. My worst one lasted three weeks. Oy!
Scott attempted to 'kill' the squeaky in Izzie's brand new dog toy ( a football for the new sports season of course) this morning after I almost threw the dog and her toy out our second-story window as my head tried to explode.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

Happy September. :-)

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