Sunday, August 16, 2009

This love is fireproofed.

"Fireproof doesn't mean the fire will never come. It means when the fire comes that you will be able to withstand it."

Our friend Ruby told us about this movie at a gathering in Pittsburgh a month or so ago.
"You guys have to see this movie," she said after we were complaining about little stress-inspired spats and being busy with wedding plans. "It's going to change you. It's amazing."

We nodded, smiled, went about our drinking games. I forgot about it, truth be told.
Later that week, however, Scott, being a curious guy and a good friend, found the movie when he was shopping for something or other, brought it home and set it on the dining room table.

It moved from there to the coffee table. Then to next to the TV in the living room. Then underneath the TV. Last week, I put it in the cabinet where we store our video games and Rock Band paraphernalia.

We're too busy, I thought. And I grimaced a bit when I saw that it was sort of religious-y.

Today, after HOURS of tying ribbons on bubbles and filling out thank-you cards (and DAYS of cleaning/organizing the house in preparation for my family's visit later this week), we decided we would try to make some time to relax this evening. I suggested a game or maybe watching a show on TV.

Scott surprised me and suggested a movie.
Oooooh, I thought, thinking about my unwrapped '08 Oscars movies (Rachel Getting Married... Doubt... so many choices!).
But Scott wanted to watch this movie.

I was hesitant but too tired to argue.

The movie stars Kirk Cameron (good start, right??) as a firefighter (even better, right?!) captain in the beginnings of the end of his marriage. His father gives him a dare to try out before he signs any divorce papers and gives up. It's a 40-day love dare, aimed at remembering what love is all about and how to get back to the goosebumps-in-your-stomach wheezy feeling.

The wife in the movie ignores or distrusts the first few weeks' dares (as simple as not saying anything negative... studying the other person all over again... etc.). But the husband never gives up.

And I'm not telling you anymore.

When the movie ended, I was in a sweaty, teary ball in a corner of the couch. Scott held me as tight as possible -- almost to the point where I couldn't breathe -- and then I realized he had been crying himself.

I've only ever seen him cry two times before -- both of them involved the loss of a loved one. This was a different kind of cry. A special kind I really cherish.

This movie did something to us, even if it was just wake us up to acknowledge what we had been taking for granted.

Scott grabbed the phone minutes after the credits finished rolling to call Ruby and thank her for recommending the movie.

At the last wedding we went to, the pastor gave the couple a small crucifix/cross and told them that whenever their marriage or communication should hit a hurdle one should place that cross on the pillow of the other person to let them know they needed to work on their love.

I think we'll place the Fireproof DVD on each other's pillows instead.

And the best part, for all of you shaking your heads or yawning?
We found out after watching the movie that we have exactly 40 days until our wedding.

I believe. If in nothing else, I believe in our love. And our future.
And boy do I love.

Love is not a fight, but it's something worth fighting for.

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