Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Licensed to love, yo.

Scott and I finally have our marriage license. Guess there's no going back now!

Although, if the process we went through to get our marriage license is any indication of our lives together for the next 60 or 70 years, it ought to be interesting.

First, there's the matter of the prothonotary's hours. They close at 4 p.m. at the two closest courthouses. Scott usually doesn't get in the house til around then. And there's that stink level he brings home, so we usually encourage showers before he leaves the homestead again.

Well, one day last week, Scott had an early day home from work. So we put everything on hold, and ran to the car. Only neither one of us could find our Social Security cards. See, a while back, Scott got a lecture from someone saying it's dangerous/bad/dumb to keep those cards in your wallet. So he took mine and his and put them in a "safe place." Said safe place is so safe that we have yet to find it again.

So nothing got accomplished last week.

We filed our applications and then today, another short day for Scott, and we run to the SSA office 40 minutes away. We tell the people there about our story of not having our cards and needing a marriage license and a lovely lady there gave us a print-out that basically would substitute for the cards in the event we didn't want to wait the two weeks til they arrived at our house. Great, we say! There's 40 minutes before the closest courthouse closes. Let's do it!

We run in, excited and glowing with pre-marital anticipation. The whole process is rather easy, although the lack of knowledge on my biological parents proved for a few awkward moments.

We raised our right hands, took an oath that all the information was accurate and ran away with a license.

And we were never even asked for our social security cards.

Oh well, at least we're ready for the next step!!!

*My step-mother, sister, niece and nephew arrive tomorrow. I'm sure this will be an interesting couple of days if nothing else.
Goals: NOT to kill my stepmother. NOT to tell my sister she's a horrific parent. Smile and enjoy it. With beer in hand.

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