Friday, July 3, 2009

GOALS - July 2009

Ugh, I've been such a blog slacker.
I have no good excuse, other than things are just going really well and I'm more likely to write about things when my world is upside down and/or I'm exceptionally moody.

So I'm such a big slacker that this month's goals are a few days late. Whatever.

* Perhaps my first goal should be to keep up with the blogging. I kicked so much blog-butt in June!

* I really, really want to just have fun this month. Most of the wedding things are taken care of and I just want to let loose and enjoy being engaged, young and happy.

* I want to do some major friend bonding... dinners, lunches, weekend get-togethers. We already have some things lined up for this weekend, so I should be off to a good start this month.

* I want to keep up with the just-the-right-amount-of-confidence at work. I've been tackling some interesting issues in my coverage area and trying my darndest to pump the stories out. Pink slip I WILL NOT get. Hopefully. Oy!

I guess that's it for specific goals. In general, I just want to get a good ole, well-mixed pot of jolly goodness... me time vs. time with Scott and family/friends; working like an animal vs. chillin' on the front porch...

I feel good and am loving this new-found happy place.
I hope it lasts!!!

Happy July!

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