Monday, June 8, 2009

Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you got to do is call

You've got a friend.
Wait, I've got a friend. Er, great FRIENDS. Plural, people. I can't believe just DAYS ago I felt lonely and semi-friend-less.

What a great couple of days.

This weekend was AMAZING. (Photos to follow, I promise)
I was a brave lil trooper and went on all the rollercoasters with daredevils Kacey, Scott and Ben. My favorite ride remains the log flume, however. I think I'm far too old for vertical horsepower and corkscrews, twists and flips.

We had fun with Ryan and his girlfriend and her daughter. That little girl is by far the smartest 3-year-old I've ever met. The sentences she put together and all of the funny connections she made just amazed me. And I seriously enjoyed frolicking through the 'dinosaur cave' with her on my hip -- although said hip still doesn't agree it was worth the smiles and hair-holding.

The highlight was just being with Kacey, my beloved Caboose from college. As she was getting ready to leave, she told me how glad she was that it always feels like not a day has gone by between our get-togethers. This coming from someone I've probably only seen four or five times since college, where we were together almost 24-7, means a heck of a lot. And we've both come a long, looooooong way, too. She's an amazing person, really and truly.

Part Two: A new friend :-)

A few months ago, I helped friend/bridesmaid Julie out with a career fair the private schools nearby were taking part in. Basically, I stood around and tried to bite my tongue from screaming, "GO INTO ANY FIELD IN THE ENTIRE WORLD OTHER THAN JOURNALISM. MY JOB IS NOT SECURE AND THERE IS NO NO NO NOOOO WAY I'M GOING TO GIVE ANY CHANCE I HAVE TO A PIPSQUEAK LIKE YOU!"

However, a high point of that day was meeting with Julie's friend, Emily, also a counselor for the schools, who was helping with the career fair. At the end, I gave her my business card and mentioned us getting together.

So much time went by without hearing from her that I sort of forgot the exchange even took place. A week ago, however, an e-mail, glowing with friend love appeared in my inbox -- from Emily (!) asking if I was still interested in getting together.

I practically drooled.

Well, we met up for dinner tonight and it was GREAT! We got along so well and are so similiar it's almost frightening. She just might be my long-lost twin, albeit slightly older twin, but whatever with the technicalities.

She's originally from out-of-state as well, is here for work and her significant other and has few female friends to be with, very similiar to yours truly.

We closed the Panera down. To the point where one worker screams to the other one, "OH, thank GOD they're leaving. Quick, lock the door!" Hahaha so much for being discreet.

Emily and I have made plans for next Monday... and probably a few more Mondays after that. Hopefully every single one.

I called Scott up on my way home, saying "I made a friend! I made a friend" in a really sing-songy voice.

I'm so happy.

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  1. You *sound* really happy! That's great! And, instead of a Taco Bell trip when I get back, I think we should class it up a little and hit a real Mexican restaurant. :) :)