Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The sweetest little photos on earth

Here are some photos from this past weekend and our trip to Hershey and Indian Echo Caverns, hanging out with Kacey, Ben, Ryan, his girlfriend and her daughter.


Kacey was big enough to ride the Hershey's Kisses-size rides. (I was a little worried she wouldn't make it...) :-)

Caboose... in front of a caboose!!!

She's a little bit cocoooooooa; I'm a little bit chocolate...

Although she's kidding around in this photo, that's about the same face that was captured on camera on every.single.ride.

On a side note, any gigantic, fast-moving contraption WITHOUT a place to keep your feet safe is just ridiculous.
What was I thinking???

Of course we had to get a little Jersey lovin'!

Scott and Ben, gettin' all gangsta-like for that crazyness in the background. Yes, friends, we rode that and YES, friends, that is a completely vertical lift... followed by a beyond-vertical drop at a gajillion miles an hour.

Little Jayda, the smartest 3-year-old I've ever met.

While waiting for our caverns tour to start, she took her brochure and followed the pictures, in order, calling it her map.

She found the first structure in the first photo, went up to it, found the guy behind the counter and told him, "I found you. What's next?"


The guys.
Ryan, Scott and Ben.

Our last of about a dozen self-portrait shots taken over the weekend.
(Apparent by the camera-shaped shadow on Kacey's shoulder)


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