Friday, June 5, 2009

In 12 hours: "Weeeeeeeeeee!"

I'm so excited! So excited!

Tomorrow, me, Scott and our friend Ben are driving out to Hershey, PA to meet up with my college friend and world-famous Cabooooooose, Kacey! We're going to hit up the park for a fun day of rides and chocolate before hanging out with and crashing at the home of Scott's friend Ryan.


24 e-mails, 3 weeks of planning and endless "yay"s and "I can't wait"s later, it's finally here.

This time tomorrow, equipped with a change of clothes, a fully-charged camera and my trusty kids' SPF 50+ sunscreen, the fun will begin with my favorite partner in crime.

You wouldn't believe the shenanigans we pulled off at good ole Susqu U. Phew!

[Photo circa March 2006, taken in not-so-sunny southern CA on our spring break in college -- and if I could find those glasses, I would DEFINITELY be wearing them tomorrow.]

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