Wednesday, June 3, 2009

L is for...

Oh, and LOVE.

Scott surprised me this afternoon with a brand-spankin' new, big-screened, hunk of a laptop! He got out of work early and went to the store, perused the aisles and fell in love. Or something like that.

My old personal laptop bit the dust a looooooong time ago. I blame it on the massive amount of photo and music files that collapsed it to Bye-Bye Land. My work laptop was handed down to me in 2007 by the previous bureau reporter -- and she owned it for 5 years! It's been crawling recently and has lost three keys in the past six months. It's quite ghetto-rigged.

"Now you can write the best possible stories," Scott said as I picked my jaw up off the floor earlier today.

It helps to have the best possible partner standing by my side and cheering me on. And supplying me with cool gadgets, too!


  1. Excellent!! Congrats on the new toy/baby. :)

  2. I actually only had that thing for two years. ;) But I was hard on it. One time, I was eating non pareils over the keyboard and those little sprinkles on top fell in between the keys. Totally broke the keyboard, and I had to take it to some computer place in Bedford (I forget which one) and get it fixed. I billed the Mirror for it, too, and they never knew the real story of what happened. I was just like, yeah, the keyboard broke! Ooops!

    I guess I can say that now, since I've been gone for going on two years.