Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Goals - June 2009

It's time for our monthly meditation on what to do and what not to do for a happy, better Pook.

Last month was tough, and so were the goals. I met most of them, though.
I chatted with mi gemellllaaaaaa (Nicole, you'll be getting another ring-a-ling soon, I'm sure). We ordered our invites (yay!) and I hung out with Kassia and Ashley. I didn't finish the baby blanket (I did crochet a few rows the other night, though) and I certainly can't figure out the stepmother issues. She's visiting in August, so maybe that's when we need to focus on that goal.

* This month, I need to unwind and de-bitch. No, seriously, I've been a moody little bugger the past few months. Part of it is stress (work, wedding) and part of it is just me being a silly girl.

* I want to take a 'time-out' every week, whether it's for a walk or sitting on the front porch with a beer in my hand or even just hanging out with friends...
...which brings me to my second goal.

* I need to make/find/hang out more with friends, especially girls. Truth be told, I was never a fan of having girl friends... too much drama, too many skirts, way too much for a shy tomboy to handle. But lately, I've realized it's nice to complain about guys or work or my split ends or acne or WHY WON'T MY JUST-SHAVED LEGS STAY SMOOTH??? So hear this, friends, I'm after you!!!

* I really want to raise money for and have fun getting ready for the softball marathon. (Won't you join our team?)

* I'd love to get back to my photography hobby and experiment with my camera and its settings and maybe get more serious about that.

* Healthy body, healthy mind. I need to exercise more (Let's get that tennis court cleared off, Scott!) and make sure mind, body and soul are as healthy and happy as can be. I know I've come a long way with that, but it can always get better, right?

Any other suggestions? Advice?

Things I'm looking forward to this month:
*Meeting with Kacey in Hershey this weekend. Cabooooooooose!!! We're going to have a blast at the park and with Scott and his friend, Ryan.
* Nick and Erin's wedding. Scott is Nick's old friend from childhood and they're in each other's weddings. It will be fun to watch the very process he and I will be going through in 3.75 months!
* Working a weekend. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it!
* Father's Day... I should do something nice for my dad. Hmmmm.

Happy June!

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