Monday, May 4, 2009

Goals - May 2009

I almost forgot about setting and keeping my goals, but please forgive me -- I did just spend a week whining about getting four teeth out.

I think I did fairly well in April. Scott and I made time for each other; I didn't freak out about the little things and I talked to just about all of my close friends and family. I had 23 posts in 30 days, which I'm pretty proud of, and we finished all of the major house projects!

This month, I would like to:
- Talk more often with Nicole. She's my Maid of Honor and she's amazing. She deals with a crazy bride-to-be, bridesmaids scattered across the East Coast and three mother-wannabes. She also is planning something very sneaky for the weekend of July 31. Hmmm. I need, need, NEED (and want) to make more of an effort to charla con ella. (Warning - when I stop lisping, you are SOOOOO being called.)

- Finish the baby blanket for the baby that was born a week ago. Sigh. What started out as a Christmas present, and then baby shower present will now have to be a Happy Month Birthday present for Olivia Claire.

- Order invites. OK, I know at some point I need a serious wedding planning time-out, but this is really the last major thing we have to do. We order them and it's all the little things. We made up some preliminary ones online already while I was couch-bound, so I feel confident those will be ordered as soon as we talk to our officiant.

- Hang out with Kassia. And Ashley. There's no reason why I live so close to these two stylish and fun ladies and don't hang out with them more. There, I said it. I NEED GIRL TIME!

- Do something fun and surprising for Scott. Even if it means an afternoon of golf or something equally gag-inducing for myself.

- Figure out the Janet situation. Not inviting my stepmother to the wedding is probably not a viable option. Ignoring her won't work forever, either. I need to tell her to back off and settle for friend, er acquaintance, and just smile at her weird way of telling you how it is.

- Go home.
I need Jersey.
I need my chochie and my dad and the sound of cars whizzing by fast enough to put Scott into shock.

May is a really tough month for me.
Not only does Mother's Day amount to another day that is just so hard to swallow some years, but this month will also bring the 15th anniversary of my mom's passing. I can't even fathom that number. FIF-TEEN YEARS. Three-fifths of my life has been without her now. I will do what I've been doing the past few years, but better and stronger -- I will honor her memory with silent moments of an image of her soft blonde hair wrapped up in yarn ribbons, catching some rays in the backyard of our home; I will accept the truth of her -- for good and for bad -- and I will embrace it as I would embrace her if she were with me physically right now; And I will celebrate her and the life that she gave me in whatever little ways seem to fit. I'm thinking of planting some flowers or a small bush somewhere on our property where I can go and wrap myself up in its scent and my memories. Memories are all I have.

Sorry for such a downer, but really, these are good things.
Think good thoughts, live a happy life.


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