Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Goals- April

I've decided it wouldn't be a terrible idea for me to set myself up with some goals each month, beginning with April. (I can't believe it's April already!)

There's a few things I'm guaranteed this month, for good or bad:
- Dad and Janet are visiting this weekend
- I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out (groooaaannn)
- I'm working a weekend in the office
- Olivia Rishel will be born!

There's a few things I'd like to commit to accomplishing this month:
- Blogging more often. It's too therapeutic to let it slip by the wayside.
- I have GOT to book a DJ.
- I need to NOT frantically clean the house every spare minute I get. That time can go better toward time with Scott, time to myself, time to read, etc.
- I will complete the backyard/house cleaning/prep. Some call it spring cleaning -- I call it "we-moved in-and-neglected-everything-six-months-ago, so-that-we-could-move-in, ya know?" :-)
- I will call each of my bridesmaids, plus my niece, and a few other distant friends and family to let them know they mean the world to me.

I'm not gonna be no April fool, yo.

Happy April!

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