Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You can't make this up

Not an April Fools joke.

Scott had just gotten home from work today and I needed a break from a hectic day. So, we went outside with the dogs for a bit. Izzie started barking and "boofing" her little head off and while I was trying to quiet her, Scott mumbles something about letting her bark at a guy at a horse.

I ignore him, as significant others sometimes do.

Scott says something about the horse again.
"I always see him; he goes down for a soda at the machine. He'll be back again."

It's still not clicking.

Then, I hear, well, clicking, on the street.
Or more like a clip, clop, clip, clop.

I almost dropped the leash. Trotting past our house at a leisurely pace is a tall, thin man on top of what looks like a peculiarly small horse.

The guy rode down on his horse from his nearby farm, down our street to the soda machine at the fire hall across from our home, bought a soda or two and then rode back on his merry way.

We're not in Jersey anymore.
:: click heels three times ::

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  1. When I first came to central PA, it was for my job interview. I remember passing an Amish horse and buggy just outside Centre County and thought to myself, "WHERE THE HELL AM I?"