Thursday, April 2, 2009

End of an E.R.a

I have never been a big TV person. I catch glimpses of shows every now and then and can be a real sucker for America's Next Top Model or The Real Housewives of NYC when I'm sick or have an evening to myself.

There's been one staple in my life, much like millions of others who have dedicated an hour each Thursday evening to the world of County General Hospital in Chicago and its fascinating doctors, nurses, med students, patients and loved ones. The world of E.R., which ended tonight after 15 years on air.
I was totally hooked from the first episode -- that pilot that I've now seen at least half a dozen times, where they manage to awaken a tired, shabby, balding doctor from a few minutes of shut-eye and cut to fast-paced moments of running around and medical jargon, ending with an attempted suicide of one of their major characters.

It seems appropriate (SPOILER ALERT) that the show ended on the daughter of said shabby, balding doctor. A few notes of the original soundtrack and then a cut-away from unloading of a massive emergency to the silhouette of the hospital building.

I'm such a dork.
But seriously, it was an amazing series finale, and, as sad as I am to see it end, I am content with the way they pulled it off. Just the right amount of cameos from just the right cast members of long ago. Some cute moments, some funny ones and a heck of a lot of tearjerker ones.

But just the right amount of what ER always has been about. The reasons why it kept me glued through grieving my mother to growing up fast in high school, wanting to be a little kid in college and going out into the real world -- my own world. I can't believe it's been 15 years.

I will so miss this show.

Favorite character: A toss-up between Dr. Carter and Abby
Favorite episode: (Also the saddest) When Dr. Greene dies... the gang reading his letter and laughing at his words and then moving on to the second page which says he died after writing to them. Sigh.

Well, Scott is just getting into the show, and, luckily for him, I have a few seasons on DVD, so we'll get to re-live the experience all over again.

Remember, you set the tone.

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