Monday, May 4, 2009

Day Five: So this is what a few shots of botox must feel like

Today was, all in all, the worst day of this whole experience.

Apparently all 20 or so remaining teeth thought my first day back at work would be a great opportunity to shift back into their original places after five years' of pressure forced them into crooked havens.

And it hurt like HELL.

20 toothaches. Simultaneously.

In addition to canker sores that have found homes on every corner of my mouth, the gritty feeling on all of my teeth and, oh yeah -- the four HOLES in my jaw.

But then something happened. About 1 hour after my complete meltdown to Scott and two hours after my latest dose of pain meds, the aching stopped (or at least paused, says this pessimist). But I loved it. So much that I swiffer'd the whole upstairs. And cleaned the couch I had made into a cocoon these past five days. And played hopefully my last game of Wii Price is Right for a long time.

It's bedtime and the aching is sort of thumping back, but I'm comforted that the mix of a soft pillow, Scott's snoring and my pain meds will alleviate that issue at least until morning.

The real test will be tomorrow and Thursday. I have three of the "baby" pain meds left -- enough to get me through until 11 p.m. tomorrow. But who's counting?

And enough Vicodin to land me on the front page of my newspaper if we reach the worst-case scenario.

*Thank you Jessica, Allison and Kassia for your kind words and positive thoughts -- I read them over and over the first couple of days and they got me through some tough moments. Thanks, ladies~ Allison, I'm excited to read your first blog! Blog away! I LOVE it*

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  1. I hope it gets better soon! I don't think I've ever experienced as much pain as when I had my wisdom teeth out. And I had years of orthodontics as an adolescent!

    I will start blogging soon. :) I used to blog on MySpace, but then I deleted my profile because I was getting sick of it.