Sunday, May 3, 2009

Is it too much to ask to just speak without a lisp?

I'm getting cranky.

72 hours after surgery and I'm in more pain than I was at any point Thursday, Friday OR Saturday.

We had to up the ante by adding some hard-core "good stuff" pain meds to my sucky routine that consists of three pills, ice packs, applesauce and salt-water rinses.

There's way too much pressure -- put there by myself -- to try to be back to tip-top working condition TOMORROW for interviews, stories and the such. I can't even walk to the bathroom without throbbing pain coming from one to four corners of my swollen, stiff, pissed-off little jaw.

And I've had FOUR milkshakes. I don't want anymore.

Bring me a filet mignon.
And a case of beer.

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