Friday, May 29, 2009

Time-out Day UPDATE

All those plans from earlier today?

* When I went downstairs to start the relaxing part of my day, I grabbed some Fig Newtons, my crocheting bag and the top book on my pile... and slid my legs under a blanket on the couch and...
... my feet went into something wet.

Apparently, one of the cats decided to use our couch as the bathroom. They got really, REALLY close to all being "accidentally" let out of the house.

I spent two hours cleaning after that, just because I couldn't stop.

* Then, I got a small package in the mail from my long-lost cousin/uncle/relative who has dropped off of the face of the planet, other than to start a massive civil dispute between the family. Anyway, inside, he had a stack of photos and letters/cards my mom had sent to him from about 1978-1982. More to come, his note read! Oh, great. Because I finally got over a month-long downer. Yay. (sarcastic)

* One of the highlights came about when Scott shared sex-related stories from his day at work today... as in his 40-year-old co-workers sharing their woes about er, not getting enough, if you know what I mean. I won't tell you Scott's responses to them, but I will let you know they were all jealous. ;-)

* Scott and I wound up having a night to ourselves. Well, sort of. We went to watch some CSI:Miami reruns on TV and he was snoring within the first 10 minutes.
BY 8:15!!!


I'm crocheting by my lonesome now. At least the baby blanket will get done, right??!
If Fig Newtons had shoulders, I'd throw my arm around them and snuggle with them on the couch. Eh, I'll just eat them!

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