Friday, May 29, 2009

Time-out for suckers

Today is a day off of work for me. Usually, I would be elated for some make-up-less days in pj's or sweats, with nothing on the agenda but a good book or a couple of items on the to-do list. But I'm half-ticked this time because my day off is the result of being semi-suckered into working Saturday, a day when I was planning on going home to NJ and spending it at a family picnic with my aunt, whose birthday is Sunday.

I guess it just wasn't meant to be.
Or I'm just a sucker.

I've already tackled one thing on my to-do list, and that involved sleep -- and lots of it. After Internet-ing it for a little bit, it's time to close the laptop lid and move far, far away -- you know, to downstairs or something.

I've had a pile of books on the floor next to my bed that I look longingly at every night. Hopefully I can at least cradle one of those in my hands for a bit today.

If the weather stays decent (dark, menacing clouds are overhead currently) I may tackle the weeds that I have successfully been growing in my gardens. And if I can figure out how to turn on the lawn mower, I may just get that out of the way for Scott.
Or maybe not.

::Does rain dance::

Hopefully Scott and I can get some time together tonight, although this morning he was already rattling off who we can invite over and what we can do tonight. Sigh. Is it too much to ask for a little one-on-one time that doesn't involve household chores?

Tomorrow, Scott has a day-long bachelor party for one of his childhood friends who's getting married next month and who will be a groomsman at our wedding.

And I'll be...
working. YUCK.
Although If I get out of the office in time, I just might make the wife-to-be's bachelorette party.

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