Monday, June 1, 2009

Balls and beer

See, I KNEW that title would get your knickers in a knot and cause your cute little ears to point upwards in curiosity.

Basically, I'm bribing you with beer and (soft)balls for a good cause.

The local Easter Seals is holding their annual softball marathon the weekend of Aug. 7-9. Teams of 12 -20 people raise funds for the organization and in return get a case of beer and a fun three-hour game in the sunshine. Did I mention it's a GREAT cause? And fun?

Don't forget about the beer.

Here's what I need in order to be able to play:
* Chicks.

Yep, we're shooting for a co-ed team, which means I need at least two more ladies (read: people with vaginas) to play with me, or else I have to watch Scott and his dude friends take my idea (from a story), chuck a ball around and drink my beer.

Play with me. Pleeeeaaaaaaassseee.

I'm playing, which means you don't have to be good. And you certainly need NO prior experience to play.

Pretty please?

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