Saturday, May 9, 2009

Five Guys... or maybe just one particularly handsome guy

This photo was taken at a local AA baseball game Tuesday that was eventually rained out -- but not before we could travel 40 minutes, tour the facilities looking for an ATM that was found -- and out of order. We then had a slice of crappy pizza, bought with the team's "Coins" that we got with Scott's credit card in the gift shop in place of ATM money. Scott is embarrassed.

Today, Scott and I decided to embark on one of our little drives, with the goal of finding fabric so I could fancy-up the benches in our breakfast nook and mud room. We had a splendid time and even went a little nuts (yes, bad joke) at a Five Guys restaurant -- if you've never eaten there, you have to try it. We really enjoyed ourselves. It was good to get away and just be goofy, laidback selves for a bit.

I love this man.


  1. Everybody likes Five Guys but me. It is just not vegetarian friendly. The one and only time I ate there, I got a bun with veggies on it. Ha ha.

  2. Oh, I totally didn't think about the vegetarian thing. Yikes! You'll have to show me a veg. meal sometime.

    I can't believe all you got were veggies on a bun! I didn't even know they had veggies at all there. LOL