Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is that baby powder I smell??

Good friends Julie and Mike texted us last night to let us know that they were officially in the hospital, being induced and anxiously awaiting the arrival of their baby girl.

Still no updates yet today, but I feel pretty comfortable saying this is the day that will change the rest of their lives -- for the better -- and the day that I become an honorary aunt!

Some people just reek of good parenting, and these two top that list. I can't wait to watch them become parents.

And over the past nine months, as Scott and I have watched them go through the ups -- wait, you're not drinking any alcohol with dinner, OMG, are you PREGNANT??? -- and downs -- an early end to work and a lengthy bed rest due to high blood pressure and then a stubborn baby who missed her due date by about a week -- we both felt our own little biological clocks, perhaps with little pangs of jealousy and wonder, tick-tock-tickin' away.

With a heavy heart and a quick glance at the clock, we trudge on, realizing our version of this dream isn't too far off. For now, we enjoy a lovely girl whose diapers we really have no obligation to change.

Although poofing baby butts with baby powder is a favorite pasttime of mine.

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