Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Romance reboot

Scott and I had to go grocery shopping last night and decided to make an evening out of it, being as the nearest grocery store is about 20 minutes away and would likely take a while, judging from the length of the list.

So, we went up to the 'big city' and began our night with our first just-the-two-of-us dinner date in probably at least a couple of months.

We used to go out once a week, even if it was just to the local pizza joint.

Lately, we've either been overloaded with wedding plans or house projects to even notice it was dinnertime, let alone that we should get some 'us' time and run out the door, leaving a trail of dust in our path. Or we've simply just gone out with whatever poor friend of ours was helping us that weekend.

It had sort of taken its toll, however. We were running on auto-pilot and one of us was getting a wee bit cranky from the lack of couple time.

So we went to the Olive Garden -- which is one of my favorite, if not my favorite place to eat. Our waitress was great from the beginning, giving Scott a sample of the wine so he could share it with me. He drank it instead, so I showed him by telling her to just fill the whole glass up and save herself a trip.


We enjoyed our meals, walked out into the parking lot and made stops to get a toner for my printer/copier/fax and some pet necessities.

Then, those infamous six words:
Scott: "Did you bring the grocery list?"

We laughed, realizing we made a big production out of going grocery shopping only to leave the long page of scribbles sitting in the kitchen 35 miles away.

So, we didn't get any groceries, but we did get time alone, got out of the house for an evening and even got to bed with the ability to sleep for more than seven consecutive hours -- another first.

And seeing Scott so happy and rested this morning made leaving the grocery list behind totally worth it.

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