Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Signs of Spring

Images in photos are courtesy of the previous owner's hard work and garden amazingness.

We apparently have bleeding heart bushes scattered along the side of the house -- a pleasant surprise today, considering three days ago they were red stalks in the ground we almost weed-whacked.

I'm not really a tulip person, but these red ones are so eye-catching, I can't help but smile on my way to the back door.

These golden fields are directly in my peripheral vision from my desk at ye olde home office and I had to break down and just stand by the fencerow taking in our amazing scenery.

My lettuce is growing!
::Sticks tongue out at elderly neighbors who told her she was planting veggies too early::
And the townspeople screamed, "Hoorah! Salads for all!"

Call me a City Girl, but I've never actually seen the Momma Bird manning the nest. This lovely lady has been perched on her babies on a corner of our front porch for at least a week now. Grow little tweeters, grow!

I *love* this time of year...
...If only it weren't 127 degrees with 400 percent humidity.

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