Tuesday, February 17, 2009

She's my 'person'

Nicole arrives today!

If I manage to get through the SEVEN stories plus one massive project that are on my plate for work, plus a commissioners meeting and then navigating my way through downtown Altoona to find the train station, Nicole will be here in less than 11 hours!

I met Nicole the first week of my study abroad adventure in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the summer of 2005. Between our same date of birth (separated by only one year) and our insane homesickness, we sort of just 'fit.' We became instant friends and companions that trip. We shared our entire life stories; our dreams, wishes and fears.

Now, she's my maid of honor in my upcoming wedding and I don't know if either one of us thought we'd ever be here.

The distance makes it hard, but definitely not impossible. We last saw each other in person at the Jersey Shore about a year and a half ago! But I know that when she steps off that train (if I find the station), it will be as though not a day has gone by.

Here's to a gemela adventure!

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