Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nicole's visit - Day One

Well, my camera came in the mail and Nicole made her connection at Penn Station, so I think we can most definitely consider Tuesday to have been a success!

For some reason, the city train station was not in my spiffy little GPS and I may never understand that one. But, with some on-the-phone help from Scott, I got there, no sweat. But, then the infamous words:

"Park in the parking garage, it's your best bet."

I'd hate to see my worst bet.

I couldn't find this supposed connection from the garage to the station. Instead, I found myself walking along a busy one-way highway underneath the bridge to the station. After several minutes of being followed by what I know believe to be an un-uniformed security guard, I found the tracks -- as the train was pulling away and a not-so-nice gentleman informed me that it actually was not okay to stand on the tracks.

I head back toward the garage. Nicole calls and sees me! She is walking on a foot bridge over the highway I am again hitchhiking along. I tell her to head into the garage and I'll meet her there. I head up a floor since she is above me, only to have her land on the floor below me somehow. Whatever, we eventually met up.

All that blocked our path was the exit. Which, apparently closes after 5 p.m. It was 5:18. The automated machine refused to eat any of the dollar bills I was attempting and after several long minutes, the guy behind me gets out of his car, walks up and swipes some fancy card at the machine, lifting the gate and freeing us from the hell hole that is that train station.

Then it hit us.
We were together - she was in PA! Ahhhhh!

I have to work today, but I can't wait until this evening and the next few days.

And, it really is like not a day has gone by.

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