Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And now, four days to celebrate turning a quarter of a century...

I'm officially off of work until Monday! WHoooooo.

Although Nicole was a good sport about entertaining herself as I worked ALL DAY today, it will be nice to actually enjoy time WITH her instead of just in the same room as her.

On Thursday, we're going to do some beauty and wedding things -- getting our nails done, visiting the dress shop, showing her the reception site, looking at flower options and maybe visiting a B&B my girls might stay at.

The most important thing is that we get some time together... in addition to the late-night chats we've mastered both nights so far. :-)

Then, Friday, who knows what we'll do - I'm sure we'll fill the day up rather quickly.

Saturday, Scott and I are taking Nicole back to Philly where she'll hop on another train and we'll hop on the Birthday Bash Bandwagon with Jeannine and possibly some others. It ought to be interesting...

And then Sunday, I turn 25. The number kind of freaks me out. First of all, my cousin Dan always said it's all downhill after 25. I'm not sure I believe him since things are just becoming awesome lately, but just the idea of everything that *could* happen this year... it's almost overwhelming but entirely exciting.


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