Sunday, February 15, 2009

Scenes from a Valentine's Day restaurant

Wendy and Scott are sitting in their living room in their cozy home when the 12 o'clock Saturday weekly fire whistle goes off.
In unison, they sing, "It's 12 o'clock on a Saturday..." to the tune of Billy Joel's 'Piano Man.'


Later that day, at a hip and cute Mexican restaurant...

Some popular hot sauce names:
- Smack my ass and call me Sally Habanero/Jalapeno.
- Don't be a chicken sh#t (the milder version).
- Smack my sweet ass and call me Sally.
- Smack my ass and call me Sally the slap heard 'round the world.

Other funny sayings from the restaurant:
"Rock out with your guac out."
"Smack my ass I'm single (and receive a free beer)"
"We deal in heat, wetness and innuendo."
"It only burns for a little while."

And who said Valentine's Day couldn't be a little hot???


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