Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Over the years, Scott's friends, and their significant others have become my friends in more than just a cause-you're-dating-my-buddy kind of way. For the most part, they're all laid-back, easygoing people that make a night out or some time inside a lot of fun.

Recently, one or two of them have become really close friends to me that I really treasure as equally as my girlfriends and guy friends that I've known for years and years and years.

One of 'our' friends called last night and asked if he could come over for a bit. Now, he's always welcome, and in fact he's Scott's best man in the wedding, so really there is no favor too large or too small. He had just broken up with a girl he was kind of, sort of seeing on and off for a while and just needed to get away from his house and vent a little.

I offered to leave and go upstairs when he arrived, but Scott said that was silly and I should stay... so I did, although somewhat hesitatingly. I mean, the guy knew Scott long before Scott even knew me, so what do I need to be involved with his break-up dilemmas for?

Well, I stayed, and it wasn't awkward at all. I offered some consolation words of wisdom but mostly just kept quiet and let him know I think it was a good decision and that no door is really closed forever unless you lock it yourself.

I don't know, it just means a lot that I'm more than just Scott's fiancee.

I was sort of sad to see him leave an hour or two later, but I had to put my half-dozing Scott to sleep at that point. :-)

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