Monday, February 9, 2009

My favorite wedding-themed present so far

Scott's New York City aunt and uncle came to visit this weekend and spent Saturday night with us and Scott's parents in our new home. (Is it still technically new?)

After hours of laughter and our two favorite games of Apples to Apples and ImagineIff, I received an early birthday gift and it was perfect, perfect, perfect.

A silver charm bracelet, which, in itself would have been awesome because of my love for those lovely little jewelry items. But, this was no ordinary charm bracelet. Nope.

IT HAD WEDDING-THEMED CHARMS ON IT! A heart, a wedding bell, a bouquet of flowers and a little gift box with ribbon.

I love it!

Only 7.5 months to go!
Dress? CHECK.
Reception hall? YUP.
Ceremony location and officiant? You bet!
Save-the-date cards out? YAY!
Bridesmaid dresses? Yessum!
Flowers, favors, centerpiece and hair ideas? YES!

DJ? Errrrr...
Photographer? Working on it!!!
Invites? Crap.

I still think I'm in good shape. Two days off this week ought to help with the to-do list, too. :-)


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