Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend with the Boyz

Scott and I, along with Scott's friends Ben and Lance, went to visit Scott's other friend Ryan at Harrisburg this weekend. A weekend with 'Dem Boyz' is memorable, to say the least...

Some highlights:

- The slowest waiter EVER at the restaurant formerly known as Kokomo's, now Arooga's. (Good food, though)

- Darts and games at The Boro

- Ben walks into a liquor store. Ben comes out with three bottles of liquor.

- Rock Band!!! I am not too ashamed or shy to profess my God-given skills as drummer in this incredibly awesome new game of ours. I play a pretty mean guitar solo, too. We got some great video of Ben's vocal attempts. :-)

- Ben, who fell asleep in the hallway somehow, shouts at Scott, who needs to use the bathroom: "HEY! There's a cat in there..." (Pointing to the bathroom) There was NOT a cat in there, Ben.

- Four guys at Five Guys (great hamburger/hot dog place)

- No Boyz Weekend is complete without the football toss in the backyard. Except they chose the 100-degree day to do this. I stayed inside to drum.

- Scott and Ryan attempt Madden Football. "Maybe it's just the stupid Cardinals," Ryan says after a 63-21 blowout loss.

Fun timez with the boyz. Today, we were back to reality and feeling really, really old.

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