Friday, September 12, 2008

Marathon 'charla'

My dear friend Nicole and I have what we call a 'marathon charla' every now and then. (Charla being the spanish word for "chat.")

The charlas don't happen as often as they used to and when they do, they certainly are marathon-length, lasting through drives through the PA countryside and dead zones as well as a T-ride in Boston for her.

The other day, I wrote my longtime friend Lauren an e-mail that was so ridiculously wrong, she may not have finished reading it yet. I told her at the end of it that I was sorry if she was foaming on the keyboard from exhaustion.

Life just gets in the way, sometimes. Friends and loved ones who once knew my every move the minute I made it now understand a marathon charla or e-mail will have to do. My hope is that this blog will help offer some insight into the goings-on in my life as well as give me comfort and support as I go on in that crazy, exhausting, stressful, blessed, lovely life.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I will enjoy writing it, thinking of the Spanish teacher in Boston, the architect in San Francisco and all the others I love and miss dearly.

Here's to blogging!

Caption: Nicole and I, frolicking along the red-brick path in Boston a couple of years ago.

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