Monday, September 22, 2008

If this is any indication of this autumn, I'm crawling under a rock until June 21.

Oh glorious Monday/First day of Autumn. Why do you hate me so?

Picture it -- the classical music on your computer wafts through the home office as the lunchtime hour comes to an end. It's been a pleasant few hours of working on a long-term project that's going to print this weekend. No big deal. No fire calls on the scanner. No breaking news that requires legal wording, research, frantic phone calls to a Texas-based office impacted by the latest Gulf Coast hurricane. Haha. Not yet...

Then, the e-mail check. Complete with e-mail on latest development on an ongoing battle between rural landowners and a natural gas company over the rights to their land per the Natural Gas Act/public necessity certificate. Yep, a 36-page court document. Did I ever mention Media Law was my LEAST favorite college course? Six of my great-aunts passed away during that semester. I had pneumonia, bronchitis and laryngitis conveniently one right after another during those glorious 12 weeks. Somehow, I passed the class but clearly nothing stuck with me.

It's like science and math... somehow I missed those number-crunching, anatomy-memorizing, formula-understanding genes that run rampant in my maternal side genes. I can write a mean story, article, poem, sonnet, haiku, lullaby, nursery rhyme, kids' book, autobiography. Oh, and I can speak the castellano with the best of them. Did I mention I was mistaken for a Brazilian once? In Brazil??! Anyway, I digress.

Everything, including the major long-term project that runs this weekend (yep due in 45 hours), was put on the back burner. I just clocked a 12-hour day and fear I have at least another "stinky" gas story in my near future. (Hahaha, get it?)

Speaking of 12-hour day... my editor suggested this morning that I should try and cut back my hours and have a life while I'm still young and able.

In the words of my favorite interviewees: No comment.


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