Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kacey stole my post title

So all day, I had "Tis the season" in my head. Not very creative, but honest to the day.

Then my own Caboose used that in a post she published on her blog today! Great minds, I guess.

So instead, I'll just say, what an amazing day.

In short:
We decorated for Christmas. (We still have to put the ornaments on the tree, though) We re-arranged the living room and it's just so cozy now, we both absolutely love it. Scott's been wandering around the rooms just saying, "I love our house" over and over today.

My friend Ashley and her boyfriend Tyler came out to our neck of the woods and then the four of us went out for lunch and some exploring of a nearby quaint town. Such good company!

Then, our friends Ryan, Ruby and Ruby's 4-year-old Jayda came out to the house. I had a lot of fun getting eskimo kisses from Jayda and planning New Year's Eve adventures with Ruby.

Scott and I are wrapping up our day with some cuddles on the couch before bed.

Tomorrow, we decorate the tree and have two couples over for dinner. Can't wait!

Tis the season. :-)

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