Monday, November 16, 2009


My dear, dear friend Nicole (mi gemela and my Maid of Honor) and I started Monday night phone chats about a month or so ago.

Mondays are perfect -- Scott is away for a few hours bowling and we are both usually free to chat for a while... (only 50 minutes tonight, hehehe).

In our chats we share our weekends and fun, our work and dilemmas. Then there are the secret stories that only we know. The belly laughs at precisely the right moment. The simple understanding of so many subjects without either of us saying a word. It's magical.

And all from a girl that I've seen in person on only 10 separate occasions.
Or, to steal a line from Nicole's infinite words of wisdom tonight, "Most people don't have to cross the equator to find their best friend..." (We met in Argentina during a study abroad in 2005)

It's still amazing to me.

I love our Monday night chats. I hope they continue for decades and decades... or at least til Nicole moves next door so we can do this in person over tea... or wine, perhaps. :-)

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