Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Right foot, left foot, repeat often

(Title courtesy of the best way of putting the crazy sport and hobby that is running -- thanks, Coach Marty!.. what IS he thinking?!)

Well, the running has begun!

I've gone for two runs so far this week and I'm really, really pleased with how it's going.

I'm not setting any records and I'm not afraid to stop and walk for a few minutes at a clip if that's what it takes to get my old, banged-up body on the pavement again.

My first run was just a couple of miles in a circle around our home. Our neighbors saw me running and the kids, ages 9 and 11, came running out just as I got to my mailbox, laughing at me panting and bending over myself. I was SO sore after that run, for almost three days!

Then yesterday, Scott offered to join me on another run. He chose the route, which involved a slight hill, some cornfields and um, 1.3 billion bugs, half of which went inside my throat. I felt really, REALLY good on this run and even picked the pace up a bit at the very end. This time, our elderly neighbors, laughed at us breathing heavy.

"Back already?" They asked.
Funny. Reaaaaalllyy funny.

BUT I feel great and am so happy. I'm only doing about every other day this week and probably next. I might add some pilates back in once or twice a week. When I get back from my honeymoon (whoooooooo) I'll probably try to run 5 days a week and will add to the distance.

And now, I have SUPER motivation!
I'm running a 5K alumni race at Susquehanna's homecoming weekend in early November with my dear, dear friend and lovely Cabooooooose, Kacey. <----- [being pensive at SU in '05]
(Thank you! I'm so excited!)

I'm so happy!

Vroom, vroom!

Right foot, left foot, repeat often...


  1. I love that saying for running ... I'll have to borrow that. :)
    And GOOD FOR YOU! Just ignore your neighbors STANDING there watching you. You rock. :)

  2. Little known fact, I am thinking "I'm from New Jersey" and trying to prop my elbow on an imaginary table.

    I can't wait to run with you... just like old times down Challenge (ugh, snakes!) and the river! I wonder what the course looks like, probably has plenty of Sassafras hills, if Marty gets his way!

    So excited to see you in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS, MRS. ZOOK! :-) :-)