Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A day off!

I am enjoying a day off -- the first one in a long time that doesn't involve traveling or entertaining (well at least most of the day doesn't include those things).

I took Rocky the cat to the vet today for two shots in his bottom. Aside from his meowing song the entire half hour trip, it went very well.

I came home and chatted with our one neighbor who has been away for a couple of weeks.

I decided to use what little motivation I had in me to trim some bushes, tidy up my pathetic veggie garden, cut and hang some lavender and finish cleaning the house.

Then I went into relax mode, courtesy of America's Next Top Model repeats.

I'm going to make some cookies and then go get my hair trimmed and re-highlighted so it looks lovely in all of Teri's photos next month.

This evening, we will host our pastors at our house for some wedding ceremony plan making and to test our love apparently.

I really needed these couple of hours to just veg out. Work has been a little hectic and some stories really wore me down more than I wanted to admit. I'm glad I hung in there and I'm really proud of the reporter I've become.

With that said, thank the LORD for days off. :-)

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