Monday, July 20, 2009

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Our engagement photo session on Friday went amazingly. From the minute we arrived at Kelly's house, we were comfortable, excited and just plain ole happy.

For only being at this full-time for a couple of months, Kelly has really figured things out. Her studio configuration in the upstairs portion of her house worked really well and from the first stop in her backyard through her town and then back to her home, I was constantly surprised by her eye.

One minute, it looks like a cool stone wall. Four days later, in a photo, our backdrop looks way better than me and Scott. :-)

We got our invitation to view her photos online and I've already browsed through them half a dozen times... (and have invited pretty much every loved one with an e-mail address to do the same).

The photos are great. Some of them bring me back to the absolute purest love Scott and I have shared... those days before wedding planning and taking care of a house and five animals. Friends and family have already written me back telling me their favorites and raving about different photos.

I have too many favorites to choose prints just yet.

There are several where Scott and I are just looking at each other with 100 percent love and adoration. (gag, I know.)

There are a few that show off my left hand bling in such a lovely way.

And there are soooo many of the two of us just being goofballs and laughing our way through poor Kelly's evening. But I guess that means we had fun!

Some of my favorite moments also included Scott getting prodded to actually give a decent teeth-y smile and to focus on his posture. You bet I'm still teasing him about that one. And I just loved our impromptu dance twirling at one point.

Kelly's beautiful photos have brought me and Scott back to the very beginning and to that love we have been taking for granted for far too long now.

Now what event can we make up to get more photos taken???

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