Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm too busy for a normal blog life right now.

And I don't have kids and am not even married yet. This ought to go downhill quickly.

Anyway, I am alive -- and well, for the most part, despite allowing some half-bitch crazy woman into my soul for a few days. Scott is glad that said bitch is on at least a one-month vacation (more likely three for me.)

I digress.

Wedding plans are going well. We are joyfully collecting our RSVPs and especially enjoying the comments some of our loved ones are putting on them.
Example 1: My friend Drew writes "Mr. Drew Lastname, CPA" in honor of his newly-established title.
Example 2: Scott's friend Ryan draws an arrow to the "Mr.", writing "That stands for Master" on a corner of the card.

The bridesmaid dresses have arrived! I totally confiscated three of them for delivery at Super Secret Wedding Weekend coming up in two weeks. I can't fit into any of the three I have (darn you, you thin gorgeous model-like bridesmaids!) but that doesn't stop me from using every possible opportunity to go into our guest room and just look/drool at/on them.

Flowers, centerpieces and favors are all decided on. Phew. Such little details take SO much brainpower.

In other news, Scott and I have been taking time to enjoy our home and each other by having game nights (It had been so long since we did any activity other than sleep that we forgot how much fun playing a 9 years and older game could be.)

Our tennis court is almost at completion. After months of staring at thick ivy and then piles of ivy, wood, and other debris, I can finally peer out of my office window and see concrete. It's amazing. We just need some lines painted, some dirt pressure-washed the heck out of this yard and our net to arrive before I start beating Scott with my cute little tennis outfits I purchased on a splurge last summer when I wasn't preparing for marriage, family or a FUTURE.

Animals are good. I would say more, but all of their cuteness is totally negated by knocking over and then eating bathroom trash and using our hardwood floors as a bathroom because we are outside dealing with aforementioned three-foot deep ivy.

Work is work.
I have nothing to say there. Nothing I can, at least. :-) I've been really busy and I love my job and am proud of the work I'm doing. I guess that's all I could hope for, really.

We have a fun and busy weekend coming up.
Tonight, Scott has a play-off softball game for the church league here. He loves his baseball/softball and I'm glad he can go and get that manly time. I'll probably sit at home with a glass of wine, reading on the front porch or something else that is equally exciting for a lady such as myself.

Tomorrow, co-worker Kelly is going to take engagement photos of us! She just started a photography career on the side and she's willing to risk that career by snapping photos of two stressed and over-tired individuals who have to remind each other that they love each other and that despite the fact that being engaged can suck, they should probably have photographic proof that they survived through it. I am looking forward to it. She has a great eye and I'm just so excited that she's excited!

Then, on Saturday, Scott and I, as well as a couple of his friends, are heading out to Pittsburgh to enjoy another friend's picnic as well as hotel complete with in-room whirlpool tub. I really am excited for the picnic, but did you see that part where there's a whirlpool in our room??? Relaxation, my friends, is the key to survival in this crazy life.

Well, Scott's on his way to work and I'm on my way to my two-hour morning nap.


  1. Oh, I can't wait to see your engagement shots!! I'm hoping she'll do some anniversary shots of us this fall. :)

    Glad everything is going well!

  2. Wendy, I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful time I had yesterday. You and Scott may be stressed with wedding plans, but you two are still a carefree couple in love -- and it really shows in your photos. I'll have them ready soon. Can't wait to show them to you!

    And Jess, it'll be awesome in the fall with all the colors!