Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just about time to celebrate being a bachelorette -- Part Two

OK, now for the fun stuff.
What? I couldn't be all sappy and then completely scandalous all in one blog post. That's so unethical. :-)

I'm so excited for this weekend!
I leave tonight with Debbie, my future mother-in-law. The two of us will meet Nicole, my maid-of-honor and friend from my Argentina study abroad program, at my dad and Janet's house.
Then, Friday, me and Nicole... and I don't know if anyone else... will drive ... to our destination. (I told you, a LOT of secrets and surprises in this.) We will be joined by friends and bridesmaids Jeannine, Kacey and Allison... and I don't know who else, if anyone. (SO many secrets!)

(Bridesmaid Julie can't make the trip on account of her little baby but she might have something up her sleeves locally for next month.)

I can ONLY imagine what will happen Friday and Saturday. I'm sure my photos next week will speak for themselves.

Then on Sunday, I have my bridal shower. The only thing I know about that is that it's at Dad and Janet's. They have a great backyard/deck area that should be really cozy.

And then I come back home on Monday.

I make it sound really simple and not so exciting, but in fact, I know it will likely be one of the best times of my life. My girls have never all been in the same room together, so that will be the first major highlight for me.

They each bring something to the table -- laughter, compassion, being fun-loving -- and they've all been amazing friends throughout different periods of my life.

Allison, now living in Jacksonville, FL., is my oldest friend of the bunch -- we went to elementary school together and were in the same Brownies troop.

I met Jeannine in high school and, even after a brief interruption in our friendship during college, we've completely reconnected and talk almost every day. She's in grad school in Philly.

Kacey is my college friend who saw me during some of my darkest times, drunkest times and funniest times. She's a teacher just outside of Philadelphia.

Julie is the local friend who keeps me sane and offers the best advice for what I'm going through and what's to come.

And Nicole, in Massachusetts, is my 'gemela,' my twin who changed my life in a mere eight or nine times that I've ever EVER seen her.

I love them all.

Even if they make me wear penis necklaces.
(But I hope they don't! hahaha)

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