Friday, June 12, 2009

Phone call to Scott

9:05 a.m. Friday.

Ring. Ring.
Scott: Hey...
Wendy: Hi. (laughter)
S: What's up?
W: Ummm... (laughter) I just wanted to let you know that I owe you new toenail clippers...
W:... and possibly a new toilet.
S: Ummm... OK....
W: I guess you're curious as to what happened. [laughter]
S: Yeah, kind of.
W: Well, I dropped the clippers into the toilet...
S: Well, I figured that.
W: I'm not a morning person.
S: Oh, I know.
W: There was pee in the toilet. I didn't want to reach into the pee.
S: You flushed?
W: Well, I figured they would stay at the bottom there.
S: So you flushed?
W: Yes... BUT THEY DID STAY! Well, for a second at least. And then they went up and away in one really quick, unexpected swoosh!
W: And then I laughed so hard I was crying.
S: I'm sure they're still at the bottom there.
W: Noooo, I don't think so.
... So, I probably shouldn't use this toilet today, huh?
S: That's probably a good idea.
W: You're going to tell the guys at work about this, aren't you?
S: Definitely.
W: Crap.
S: NO! Don't do that!
W: Oh, shut up.
S: I've got to go.
W: I'm really sorry about the clippers.
S: No, it's OK. They weren't really that good anyway.
W: Maybe they'll be better after this.
W: Errrr, I'll let you go.

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