Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day Two of someone else's wedding weekend

A lot of fun so far! (Rehearsal, dinner, out with Scott's best man and his girlfriend)

The best part?
Today, in the humid, yucky heat, Scott must wear a 12-piece ensemble that takes 20 minutes and 45 people's assistance to put on, while standing (and sitting... and standing... and sitting) in the front of a Catholic mass.

I, meanwhile, am wearing a cute, lightweight, cool RED dress (and fantastic red heels I might add).

While he is taking THREE HOURS of photos today, I will likely be at a bar, resting said red-heeled feet and definitely thinking of him. :-)

I might also take some tips and jot down some mental notes for our big day in T-minus 3.5 months.

Did I mention the dancing?


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  1. lol ... this is very funny. :) Glad you enjoyed it!