Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New household rule: No shots for Wendy

We had a great weekend!

But as a result of the weekend, Scott and I have come up with a couple of "rules" -- the most important of which is that I never do shots again, no matter how pretty, fruity, fun or exciting they seem at the time.
I'll get to that in a minute.

Friday night, me, Scott and his friends Bill and Ben went down to Cumberland, Md., for dinner and hanging out. We ate at a cute restaurant called the Crabby Pig, which specializes in the interesting combo of fresh seafood and ribs. Go figure.

After dinner, we walked the downtown pedestrian-only, cobblestone/brick streets for a while, taking in two live concerts that were going on. It was so cute!

We made it a semi-early night, especially enjoying that Scott's parents had the dogs for the night, allowing us to sleep past 5 a.m.

Saturday, Scott's mom and I went to work out rehearsal dinner plans. After we got all that squared away (uneventfully, thank goodness), we got some lunch and coffee (yay!) and went shopping (more yay!). I got two very cute dresses - one for a wedding we have next month and one for the honeymoon!

That night, Scott's parents kept the dogs yet again, and we went out to the nearby "big city" for drinks and dinner with about five of Scott's friends. My friend and co-worker Ashley joined us, which gave me some girl power and a reason to do said shots. I'm so glad she came out!

We called it quits around 2 a.m. and after some minor drama which is still only barely laughable now, I was tucked into embarassment, er, bed, by Scott.

It was fun to let loose a bit, but I'll stick with the cranberry-vodkas next time.


I have photos that I promise I will post just as soon as I bring my camera from the garage to the house. There's some real keepers. :-)

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  1. I had an Oatmeal Cookie shot at the beach this weekend, followed by two LARGE Bloody Marys. Did I mention this was during the first meal of the day? The headache started to come on around 5:30 in the afternoon. Excellent!