Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jeopardy! blunders

So, let me preface this by saying I know how lame we are.

The only show we regularly DVR anymore is Jeopardy. Ever since we were first together, it just sort of became one of our things to do for fun. It actually started when Scott and I lived with his parents, as a little something fun we could all do for half an hour after dinner.

But of course I'm too competitive to let anything be just plain fun. There have to be rules. Like no one can call out a Final Jeopardy question until the music stops. I actually walked out of the room once because Scott's dad called answers out like three days in a row.

"That's cheating! I KNEW that answer, anyway! Hmrph!"

Scott and I have been lacking in the correct answers lately, however. And they're not just stupid, they're hysterical.

Such as...

Category: FIVE-letter words
Clue: This is shouted by ER staff before putting the paddles of a defibrillator to a patient...
Scott: CHARGE!
(We know use the word 'charg' as often as possible in our sentences)

Category: (I don't remember)
Clue: This sacred river in India...
Wendy: The Ghandis!
Answer: Ganges (I should get points for being close)

Category: Take a ride (or something)
Clue: This such-and-such ride is found in such-and-such Austrian city amusement park.
Wendy: Melbourne!
Scott: Sydney!
Answer: Vienna.
::Long pause::
(Scott tells me later that if that wasn't bad enough, he actually thought for a minute, 'Wow, there's a Vienna in Australia?!??')

Category: Co__ed (words begin with CO and end with ED)
Clue: To form a clot
Wendy: Clotted!
Scott: Dumbass!

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