Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I finally uploaded all of the photos from the last month...

I used to be phenomenal about uploading photos from my camera regularly. If there was an event, whether it was a vacation or a get-together or a home project or even a doggie haircut, the photos would be in loved ones'
e-mails before visitors got home or the groomer was paid.

Not anymore.

So, here's your visual walk down memory lane. At least three or four weeks' worth of memories...

Spring finally arrived at the McZook household in late March, with crocuses, irises, tulips and daffodils (planted by the former owner) sprouting up through the leaf and debris-covered dry dirt.

I love Rocky's positioning in both of these photos. He did the one on the top, sitting like a little gentleman all on his own -- perhaps because Eva squished him out of a more comfortable position. The one on the bottom was aided by some of Scott's friends who came out to celebrate Scott's 26th b-day.

Spring also brings out budding Scott's, apparently. Here he is taking a break from yardwork and sitting on our garage.

Which is a totally normal thing to do, of course.

This was the view from our backyard just before dusk a couple of weeks ago.

I still have to pinch myself.

Scott, Dad and Janet pose outside of our reception location during the 'rents' visit to PA last weekend.

While we checked out the hotel we're using for out-of-town wedding guests, my dad got mesmerized by the large flag at a nearby establishment.

I swear he was just gazing up at it, watching it ripple in the heavy winds for several minutes.

I had to snap myself out of my own trance in order to take the photo.

On Monday evening, I arranged for the "neighbor kids" (Scott's boss's two children) to come over while Scott was bowling so that we could color eggs together. It was a blast!

After they flew through the egg-dyeing, we made some cookies and played games. I gave them easter baskets, too, and the little girl just ran over and gave me the biggest hug.

Happy Bunny Week!

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