Thursday, January 15, 2009


I have been awful with updating this blog-o-mine lately and I apologize. First, I got engaged, then I got sick and then I had some struggles with work. But all is well now.

Here's me attempting a bit of catch-up with the two of you who read this eagerly with popcorn at the corner of your mouth each month:

- This past weekend, I met up with Jeannine, my friend from high school and one of my bridesmaids. I don't even know how long it's been since we were last together, but it had to have been... two years? Anyway, we met up in Harrisburg, a sort of halfway point between the two of us. We had lunch with Scott and his friend who lives nearby and then the two of us did some shopping ... and a heck of a lot of laughing. She's amazing and I can't wait til we get together again (perhaps next month!?)

- This weekend, my friend (and bridesmaid) Kacey is coming out to visit! I can barely stand waiting anymore, this is so exciting. Kacey and I were friends and cross country teammates in college and she is so much fun, I know this weekend will be fun. To make it even more exciting, Kacey is coming with me to go dress shoppin! Yes, Ye Olde Engaged One is finally trying on pretty, frilly lil white things. I'M SO FREAKIN' LOOKIN' FORWARD TO THIS. Whoooo.

- To go along with those first two points, I have to say that in some way, this wedding is bringing me closer to several people -- especially my bridesmaids and my Aunt Alice. It brings so much joy to me to check my e-mail and have one of my girls send dresses they were looking at or for another one to come see me and help me look at dresses in person... and I could go on forever. It means so much, it really does. My aunt is going to help with favors AND she is going to do a Ukrainian tradition at the wedding (bread, salt and wine, symbolizing life being sweet, salty and bitter.)

- I can not say my relationship to my stepmother has improved. Simply put, she is the only person who seems to forget that this is the only "ME DAY" that I get in my whole life. She is sucking the fun out of this whole process line by line, little by little.

- Our new addition, Proud, is doing great. Our 'mellow fellow' is loosening up around us, even showing off his signature "grin." He's such a lovebug and I really think adopting him was one of the best decisions we could have made.

I'm going to pause for now, but I promise to write again soon.


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